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Lance La Star
Leanne's Old Brother

I was not really interested in studies so i decided to go living in the city center to carry on with my teen carrier in the army. And now, i'm the big boss and a helicopter takes me to work. I'm the proof that studies aren't allways needed to achieve a good carrier.

Work is good but and love? I married a young colleague of my father with cat's eyes: Claire Cho. She opened a hairdresser's at home to bring up our three children.

Noémie La Star
Lance's Oldest Daughter

Noemie was a very shy girl. She preferred books to friends and so, she naturally chose knowledge aspiration. A man finally attracted her attention but she will explain that better. She went to the university with 2500§ (the SimCity Scholar's Grant, the Young Entrepreneurs Award and the Bui Engineering Award).

Ray La Star
Lance's Only Boy

Ray, our second child, was early attracted by selling and business and so he chose the money aspiration. He began his commercial empire with the SimCity Scholar's Grant, the Bain-Gordon Communications Fellowship and the Young Entrepreneurs Award.

Armony La Star
Lance's Youngest Child

Finally, the last one, Armony, was completely unlike her older sister. Despite of her plaisure seeking aspiration, she was a brilliant studient and she finally stabilized with Eddy Perrier, a young employee of my wife. let's see if it lasts. A good point is his decision to go with her to the university. You won't be surprised if i tell you that she had the SimCity Scholar's Grant to go to the university but what are the others grants? She also had the Bain-Gordon Communications Fellowship and the Hogan Award for Athletics.
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