Sims 2 * Challenge * Leanne
Leanne La Star

Lance was only a toddler when Léanne is borned.

It was the first girl in the dynasty so she was designed to be the next Heir of the dynasty. She has been raised like a boy and learned early to protect herself.

Each day, she brought back good marks from school. She went to the University with the help of the SimCity Scholar's Grant, the Hogan Award for Athletics and the Quigley Visual Arts Grant. She was happy to leave the familial house to satisfy her hunger for knowledge.

Finally, the University.

There is a rumor here that they will call my room the La Star Room because from a generation to the other we allways chose the same. All I can say is that it's a good choice because I immediatly fell in love with my neighbour Alain Rossignol.

There is just one significant thing to say from my 4 year here. I had not really been careful with the strange suit of Alain but he presented me som of his friends with the same suit and after that I have been kidnapped in a limousine. I learned that he was member of a secret society and so did I.

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Sims 2 * Challenge * Leanne