Sims 2 * Challenge * Amidala

Amidala La Star
Léanne's Twin Sister

Hi! My name is Amidala La Star and I'm Léanne's twin sister.

I know that it can seem strange but we have been conceived the same night. Just after the end of the fireworks with Daphnée, Nico (my father) decided to look at the stars with the telescope and he has been kidnapped by aliens. That's how I was borned the same day than Léanne.

I chose a rebel look to make others to forget my color of skin. I was an industrius schooler and I tried allways to do things like Léanne. That's why I also chose Knowledge Aspiration. I wanted deeply to go to the University because my daddy had told me about another girl like me there and I have a lot of questions about my origins.

To enter the university, I had the Will Wright Genius Grant for my logic, the Tsang Footwork Award and of course the SimCity Scholar's Grant.

At the University I met a girl with the same origin than me.

Her name is Olga Teurrie and this common point brought us closer together. Little by little we fell in love for eachother. We finished our studies brilliantly and it was probably thanks to our knowledge aspiration.

I don't know if it was because of our origins or our sexual tendencies but the world of work has been merciless. It has not been an easy way up. It was rather I advance of two steps for better moving back of one.

Because we wanted both to be mother we tried to find a good donor. That's how I finally had my little Zara. Olga gave her a little sister named Indy. Our two daughters are very studious and they will enter soon to the University.
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Sims 2 * Challenge * Amidala