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Nico La Star
Nico La Star 
First Heir

After a lot of attempts, Nico is born.

Because of the difficulties to have Nico, we decided to make him the only heir of the dynasty.. Nico had learnt easily to walk, talk and to be toilet-trained. He was really a nice boy. He was also a lonely boy with not many friends at school. When the time comes, he chose knowledge aspiration.

Nico went to the University with the help of the SimCity Scholar's Grant, the Hogan Award for Athletics, the Quigley Visual Arts Grant, the Tsang Footwork Award and the Young Entrepreneurs Award.

What can I say about my years at the university? I've had good and bad days as anybody else.

First of all, I loved bills cause I fall in love with my postwoman, Daphnée Millet. Thanks to or because of her, I've been near to fail a semester and I have abandonned the idea of a top marked diploma.

She is now my fiancée and she is so lovely that all my friends are jealous. Wedding is for when I return home.

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Sims 2Challenge * Nico