Q: OfB, NL... What does it meen?
A: When one of those obscure symbols are used it meens that some expansion pack or stuff pack is needed to see the stuff in the game. Here is the list of symbols and what they mean:

Q: What does this symbol means?
A: It means that there is some new stuff on the pages which numbers are near it.

Q: Who are you?
A: You can find a short description of each of us on the Staff page

Q: The font is really ugly and sometime it makes the page horrible!
A: The font used on the site can be found here.

Q: How do I download?
A: You just click on the black clap under the picture (the one with Download write on it) ;-)

Q: The pictures are too small and I would like to see more details of your skins, is it possible?
A: Yes, you just have to click on the small picture and it will open a new window with a little animation where you can see bigger pictures and some details.

Q: Can I use your skins in my simstory on my blog?
A: Of course but you must say somewhere on your blog that it comes from milkazen.net (you can use my banner which is on the link page). Moreover, if you send me a mail about it I can link you back.

Q: Can I put your skins on my website (in the download part)?
A: No. It’s steeling and so it’s strongly forbidden!

Q: Can I take your pictures and use them on my website?
A: If it is to speak of milkazen.net you can but please send me a mail about it ;-)

Q: OK. I have downloaded a lot of stuff here so what do I do now?
A: There are two possible ways to install it, one is easy and the other just a little more difficult.
  1. The easiest way: just download and install sim file maid 2.
  2. A little more difficult:
    1. First of all, you will need a compression file software to extract zip files. I use ALZip but you can use another one.
    2. Extract the downloaded zip files.
    3. Place the .package files in the folder Downloads in My Documents/EAGames/The Sims 2.
    4. You can now use them in your game
Remark: If you have problems to see your downloads in your game send me a mail with the name of the zip files concerned.

Q: Why skins don’t look the same in my game as on your site? They seem so pretty here and so ugly in my game :-(
R: There are two things to take into account:
  1. Our games video settings are put to the maximum quality. It can slow down your game if you have a too poor computer.
  2. It is also possible that bump mapping is disabled on your computer. You can find more information here.
Q: Why don’t you have some guest book to let us say what we think of your work?
R: I wanted to add one but I did not find a suitable one so I will have to make it myself and just now I do not have time for that. If you really want to say something, you can say it on a forum where I advertise or (again) send a mail.

Q: I’ve got some questions but they are not listed here. What can I do?
R: You can send me a mail and I will try to answer and if I think it is useful, I will add it in.

Q: What’s a mesh?
A: It is the file which defines the structure of the skin so if you don’t have it you can’t see skins based on this mesh.

Q: Why can't I find any young adult clothes?
A: Because adults ones can be used by young adults

Q: I really love the hair of your sims! Where can I download them?
A: You can find all the links of the sites where we download hair in Credits.